The Bothnian Sea Experience Route: information about the project

Towards the project plan


There has been a great demand for the Bothnian Sea Experience Route for years, but locally and by the City of Pori, the focus has been on the development of Yyteri.

During the Pori cycling project, which we received in 2019, we organised low-threshold bike tours to nearby areas, such as from Pori to Kallo, to the Noormarkku historic industrial area and along the estuary to Ulvila and the Saari area. The people of Pori who took part in the tours felt that a signposted cycle touring route designed for ordinary cyclists would be a welcome addition to the overall package of local tourism.

Pori is surrounded by beautiful nature and is slowly building up a cluster of activities and a network of services that in itself attracts tourists. However, the Pori region lacked a cycle tourism route that would allow tourists to reach many great destinations by bicycle, without pollution and without rushing.

Along the Baltic Sea Experience Route, there are a huge number of unique destinations where the soul and body of the cycling tourist can relax and experience new holiday experiences. Here are the destinations with a special emphasis on the Experience Route:

  • Pori delta area
  • Yyteri activities and nature sites
  • Unique Kallo
  • Reposaari's quaint and seaside village idyll
  • The traditional landscape of Ahlainen
  • The splendour and culture of Ahlström historic industrial area (In Noormarkku)

Promoting the network of services and activating new co-operatives

Promoting the network of services and activating new operators As already mentioned, there are also many operators along the Experience Route who offer high-quality services. Examples include Ahlström Ruukki (Historic industrial area), Yyteri Golf, Yyteri Recreation Hotel, Siikaranta Camping in Reposaari and Yyteri Beach holiday village with its activities. In addition to the existing services, the project aims to activate new players along the route, both in the summer café and in the accommodation network.

From imagination and stories to a summer adventure

The Bothnian Sea National Park runs on the sea alongside the route. Its sites such as Iso-Enskeri and Säppi are maritime gems along the route. One of the elements and added value of the route will be the opportunity for marine experiences. This will be represented by the new Kallo to Reposaari connection boat, which will offer the Meri-Pori experience from a completely new perspective. The boat route will also link the Kallo and Reposaari sections into a stunning adventure experience and open up even more opportunities for different service packages. The Kallo is a pearl whose potential is still partly untapped.

Partners of the project

Many other municipalities and cities have successfully implemented cycle tourism routes, so we decided to start the initial planning of the route. Increasing domestic tourism and involving service providers in the project suddenly seemed like a great idea worth developing. The idea was presented to representatives of Leader Karhuseutu and the City of Pori. After getting the green light for our project, we started working on the project plan.

Once the project plan was finalised, the application process began, during which additions and refinements were made to the project plan. In winter 2022, we applied for project funding from the EU EAFRD and the City of Pori. In spring 2022, project funding was secured and the project officially started on 1.6.2022. The duration of the project is 18 months and officially ends on 31.12.2023.

Future of the project

The Bothnian Sea Experience Route will not disappear, but will be strengthened as part of other cycle tourism routes planned for Satakunta. In the future, Satakunta will therefore enjoy a comprehensive cycle tourism network, good services along the routes and the natural environment of Satakunta, which offers experiences for all the senses.

Leader Karhuseutu has granted support for the project from the EU's EAFRD.

Porin polkupyöräilijät ry 

The aim of the Pori Cyclists' Association (Popo) is to promote the interests of cyclists, especially commuting, shopping and recreational cyclists, to promote the creation of services needed by cyclists in the Pori region and to develop a safe cycling environment and culture. In addition, the association aims to increase the number of cycling trips and is involved in the development of cycle tourism in Satakunta.